Friday, April 3, 2009

March Web Traffic Statistics

We'll, another great month of March has come and gone. It definately was one of my busiest, with managing in addition to I thought I would post some traffic numbers, for those of you interested besides myself.

The traffic numbers in 2009 for FinalForman saw another increase. Its always nice to see them keep going up, even if its just slightly. Here is a table breaking down the numbers compared to the last two years:

March 2007
Unique Visitors: 635
Total Visits: 2906
Pages Viewed: 64904

March 2008
Unique Visitors: 971
Total Visits: 3316
Pages Viewed: 31434

March 2009
Unique Visitors: 1321
Total Visits: 3706
Pages Viewed: 77550

The single highest traffic day came on the first Friday of the tournament, March 20th. We saw 431 unique visitors on that day. The day prior and the day after also saw unique visitors in the 400s. had its first March, and its numbers were not nearly as impressive. There were slightly over 200 unique visitors for the month of March, with a single day high of 47 on the day I spammed people with my lovely email.

Looking forward to continuing the upward trends next year.

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