Thursday, August 27, 2009

Italy Day 1: Rome

I will say Day 1, but it was really more like 2. We left Seattle at noon on Wednesday and arrived in Rome at about noon on Thursday. We had a layover at the Amsterdam airport, which was really nice.

After landing and grabbing our backpacks, we got on the Leonardo Express train, which took us from the airport into Termini Station in Rome. The train was is pretty damn hot in Rome right now in general. Our hotel, the Grand St. Regis, is within walking distance of the station, so we hoofed it over there. After a short walk with our bags, we were hot, sweaty and exhausted, but excited to be here.

We got unpacked and then headed out. We decided to walk toward the heart of Rome in search of a little dinner. I started snapping pictures of amazing buildings as we walked, and shortly realized that I probably should take a picture of just about every building. It is unbelievable. We ended up walking by the Pantheon and some other awesome Piazzas, before settling down in a little outdoor spot for some wine and antipasta. It felt great to relax here.

We walked a bit more and then grabbed a taxi home. We were ready to crash at this point. We had both been up for about 30 hours straight. Looking forward to a big day 2...

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  1. Sounds like you both are having a great time in beautiful Italy! Can't wait to see all your pictures!

    -Michelle & Chad