Friday, September 11, 2009

Italy Day 13: Orvieto

We left Florence and took a train to Orvieto. The town is located in Umbria, in the heart of wine country. We planned to explore a bit of the town of Orvieto, known for wine and olive oil, in the early afternoon before headed to a nearby winery to stay the night.

We visted the old part of town of Orvieto, which rises above the surrounding wine country. You actually have to take a tram/ski lift type ride to get to the old town from below. It is pretty small up top, and has a great old country feel to it. We walked the cobblestone streets, and checked out the Orvieto Cathedral.

We then headed to our winery, Locanda Palazzone. I cannot tell you how excited we were to arrive. The surrounding country was just beautiful, the view from the winery amazing. The winery itself had a classic look, with a newly remodeled interior. Our room was two stories, with a view of the countryside.

We relaxed and swam in the pool, walked around the grounds, and had an imimate dinner outside. The food was spectacular. I could not recommend this place enough to anyone wanted a great Tuscan experience. It was our favorite place we stayed of the trip thus far.

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