Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Italy Day 5: Cinque Terre

We spent a good part of the day traveling from Rome to the Cinque Terre in the Italian Riviera. We took a train from Termini Station north to La Spezia, which took about 4 hours. When then changed trains, and took about a 2o minute ride into the town of Vernazza.

Vernazza, in the Cinque Terre, is an incredible place. It is a refreshing difference from the fast pace of Rome. There is but one street that goes through the middle of town....for people only...no cars. We can walk from the beginning of town, down the main street to the water in 5 minutes.

We dropped our bags and cruised around town. We grabbed a bite and sat by the harbor, taking in all in. After making dinner reservations, I headed up the trail away from Vernazza to take some photos from some great viewpoints. I think I have some postcard material.

We had dinner at a romantic spot, Ristorante Al Castello. Our table was right out over a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean. It was the best food of the trip thus far. We both had Lasagne al Pesto. It will be hard not to come back for it again before we leave.

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