Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Italy Day 6: Cinque Terre

We had the most relaxing day of the trip thus far. The morning was spent laying out on the rocks that line the harbor, in between trips to the local laundromat washing our clothes from the trip. Due to the heat, we went through clothes much faster than anticipated. We grabbed items to each from the local bakery and the local weekly market, which happened to be going on today.

Late in the day we took a ferry and headed two towns south to the town of Manarola. It was fun to see the coastline and all five towns from the water. We walked through Manarola and window shopped before grabbing some drinks near the harbor.

At sunset, we walked down the Via dell'Amorè to the town of Riomaggiore. The path is cut right out of the rock in many places (pictured here). It was a perfect time of night, and a great walk. Once in Riomaggiore, we walked through town looking for Ristorante Ripa del Sole. Up what seemed like a never ending staircase, we found it at the top of town. We had a very nice dinner there.

We took the train back to Vernazza. It was a bit of an adventure as I thought we had got on the wrong train. We were very happy when it did stop in Vernazza. We ended the night with drinks at the Blue Marlin, a very fun and local night hotspot.


  1. From Greg & Nancy.
    Finally some time to rest. Sounds like this is a trip of a life time. I bet it isn't the last time you go. Next time, other places.
    We are planning a dinner/slide show when you get back!

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